Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Tuesday, April 24, 2018


The other day at the jumble sale for the kids charity the community is running, I was discussing Mrs Claire Pits- Seymour and her husband with Phoebe Bixler.
"I'm telling you it's trueHe seems enthralled by her. He takes her on holiday three times a year. He took her to Majorca,Tenerife, and  this year he's taking her skiing." I says.

Phoebe Bixler replies " That's very flash."  I says "Well, that what Claire Pits Seymour  was telling Wendy Applewhite the other day down at the beauty....and that's another thing.... what she spends in there on her looks is obscene."

Phoebe says. " Oh it's a dead give away. Show me an expensive hairstyle, and I'll show you someone who is no better than they should be.  I always think, tidy, but unattractive is the way. It's the soundest way for a unblemished reputation."

To which I says " You got it cracked then haven't you?."

But we don't think it's as peachy as she lets on. There were the pesky rumors a few weeks back Mr.Pits- Seymour was giving the church organist, Ms Brikenkshore a" few lessons" one week on the organ. Whether it's true or not who knows. But the following Sunday they say she played terribly out of tune.  

Monday, April 23, 2018


I found this portrait from the recently departed First Lady Barbara Bushes funeral very cool....and just how intertwined they all are. And is it me , or does Melania look more happy and relaxed away from Hubby?


My personal assistant, Buster Bolfig Borghese isn't so sure about Monday either.

Sunday, April 22, 2018


It was another glorious weekend.... and just in time for Earth Day. Since Daddy Warbucks got into town Friday evening, we decided to go into Philly to spend time outdoors, enjoying what Mother Nature has given us on Saturday. Maybe the cold weather mix up was no accident...the trees and Fairmount Park were more vibrant and stunning then I've seen.

Then there was this..... click the Parc Brasserie. to lick your chops over the menus.
 Since the lovely Parc is located at Rittenhouse Square Park....any restaurant using a squirrel in their marketing and food, like the cookie garnishing my ice cream, I can get behind!!!! I think my Bouvier would approve!!! Although I felt guilty eating it.

3R's Reduce Reuse Recycle

Let's take care of our Earth & most importantly take care of each other...everyday! 

Saturday, April 21, 2018


......well, it is Saturday night after all!There made for entertaining.


This week in the Candy Shop I have another addictive treat I love to enjoy.Do you like your men more refined and aged?

Then my latest instagram friend will give you the feels. Eric Turner is one tasty silver fox for damn sure. He got me hot and bothered with his handsome face and I'm a huge fan of rambunctious hair.  And you know salt and pepper hair gets me going big time!!! Eric Turner is an internationally published fitness magazine contributor and cover model. This Houston resident is also the owner of the men’s lifestyle brand, Oryx. From the looks of it, Turner appears to be a taken man, a married one at that to South African model Morne Coetzer. Damn lucky bitch. 

He's also a dog lover and owner...he has me melting like the Wicked Witch.....

Friday, April 20, 2018


Each week, I'll share a weekly guest with you, and you tell me in only three words what come to mind.

In three words...
Morgan Freeman

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