Tuesday, January 17, 2017


Since it is winter and it's cold, and following up on yesterday's theme of cold and snow, I and a friend were recently discussing the Ice Hotel. I have long been fascinated by it, and I am thinking of adding it to my bucket list of trips. Yes, I'm very odd, and never want to go to the " most popular spots" to travel. The ICEHOTEL is a hotel rebuilt each year with snow and ice in the village of Jukkasjärvi, in northern Sweden, and is the world's first ice hotel. After its first opening in 1990, the hotel has been rebuilt each year from December to April. The hotel, including everything from the chairs and beds, is constructed from snow and ice blocks taken from the nearby Torne River. Artists are invited to create different rooms and decorations made by ice. Besides bedrooms, there is a bar, with glasses made of ice and an ice chapel and even a restaurant. The structure remains below freezing, around −5 °C (23 °F), so best to bring a hunk of man and long johns to stay warm in!!!!

The entire hotel is made out of snow and ice, even the glasses in the bar are made of ice. Nothing like a very cold gin and tonic, I say! Talk about having a drink "in the rocks".  Each spring, around March, Icehotel harvests tons of ice from the frozen Torne River and stores it in a nearby production hall with room for over 900 tons of ice and 27,000 tons of snow. The ice is used for creating Icebar designs and ice glasses, which are used for ice sculpting classes, events and product launches all over the world while the snow is used for building a strong structure for the building. About 900 tons of what is left is used in the construction of the next Icehotel. When completed, the hotel features a bar, church, main hall, reception area, lounge, plus about 100 rooms for guests. The hotel also has an ice restaurant. The furniture is sculpted blocks of ice in the form of chairs, tables, sofas, chandeliers, just about everything. The thick walls, floor and ceiling are made of ice. Even the beds, the fittings and decoration are carved from ice. No two rooms are the same; the rooms are unique works of art.

At the Icehotel the beds are fitted with reindeer furs and guests are given sleep in polar-tested sleeping bags. There is no heating and the bedroom temperatures are constantly around −5 °C (23 °F).  I understand there’s no plumbing at the hotel, but there's a sauna, and spa that is run on the premises of the Icehotel with hot tubs outdoors. The ice suites do not have any bathroom facilities, but bathrooms for guests are found in a warm building close by. The Icehotel in Jukkasjärvi is known to be the biggest hotel of ice and snow in the world,  Each suite is unique and the architecture of the hotel is changed each year, as it is rebuilt from scratch. Each year, artists submit their ideas for suites, and a jury selects about 50 artists to create the church, Icebar, reception, main hall, lounge and suites. When spring comes, everything melts away and returns to the Torne River. The Icehotel only exists between December and April, and has been listed as one of the Seven Wonders of Sweden. The northern hemisphere's aurora borealis can be seen during the winter month in the location. Just how cool would that be to see????
There would be no time to get bored either. They have plenty to see and do beside seeing those stunning northern lights, worth the trip alone in my opinion. One can enjoy the sauna's, fishing, cross country ski, take midnight snow mobile rides, dog sled trips, reindeer sled excursions, a horseback moose safari and even ice sculpting classes.
Now I don't know about you, but I would love to go here and experience this place. I'm ready to grab my gin, my long johns, and my fur chubbies and head there!

As long as the ice bed can support me and one of the hunky locales, I'll be fine. I have also seen what they charge for the trip.

I wonder if they would accept my money made from ice???

Monday, January 16, 2017


Have any of you been watching the South Eagle family on their live cams??? Ever since Lena told of it on her blog, I have been obsessed viewing it everyday, and long periods of time on days off. The Southwest Florida Eagle Cam is a website featuring live streaming webcams trained on a bald eagle nest, which sits 60 feet above the ground. The live streaming website shows the parent eagles, Harriet and M15. This year the two eggs they laid, only one hatched, and the second hatched on December 31. A new year baby.E9 is the baby eaglet, and I can't believe how big he is already. E9 seems to be getting very active already, but he makes me very nervous when he gets close to the nest rails near the edge. I understand though the parents keep a very watchful eye, and the eaglets have a inborn fear of height till they fledge. They are swell parents and I have learned a lot from the site and their online moderators who try to answer every question. They are even now streaming in schools for children to watch. Plus the cans run 24 hours, so they have night vision as well.

The live webcam was set up by the landowner's company, Dick Pritchett Real Estate, to observe the eagles in their natural habitat in hopes of providing an educational and learning experience. And I thank them for this unique experience.


Just how pretty is the scene above????

Wish I could spent some time there in that beautiful setting!! How peaceful and tranquil it would be, the view, all the white frozen trees, hot cocoa, and a fire inside. I know some don't like winter and the cold, and while it's not my favorite season, I can let myself get swept up in each season's offerings. If it was one season year round, I think I would be bored. And it's cold here today, but the Mistress was warm and snug in bed after a late night at finally......my last holiday party!!!!! Now I can let my hibernation start, sort of. The next two weekends I have guest coming for events at the Raven, but it's faces I haven't seen in some time. Historically you know me. In the winter months I make sure Ms. Moorecock keeps my schedule clear so I can recharge. Meanwhile I will enjoy the days I have left being off. Work that is , not mentally. The rest of the month finds me having random days off to use what's left of 2016's vacation hours, so I will enjoy those as well...in my cave cocooning. Now excuse we, while I toddle off my get the coffee started.

A Happy Monday to All!

Sunday, January 15, 2017


Earlier this week, I featured the fabulous and highly entertaining queen of the UK, Charles Hides, and you seemed to have liked him. One of the many talents of Charlie are his insanely talented impersonations of, well, it seem like everybody. Charlie also plays all the parts. Thanks to...  and a hat tip to the fabulous Jon at Give'em the Old Razzle Dazzle for featuring Charlie's latest take on.....the Trumps. And an older video of Charlie impersonating Kris and Kim Kardashian. So funny...

Saturday, January 14, 2017


La India, or simply India, is a Puerto Rican singer and songwriter of salsa and house music. She has been nominated for both Grammy and Latin Grammy awards and won the Latin Grammy Award for Best Salsa Album in the past, but it was this song that brought us queens to the dance floor each week, where we would dance and have some serious church to this ditty, I Can't Get No Sleep... which would always mix into her other classic, the tribal sounding, Love and Happiness. There'd be the stand and pose, the runways, and voguing...pre Madonna. I don't even think a floor was left at the end of the night. India was also very short, somewhere over 4', but don't let that fool you...she could belt out! Good times.....


People always ask, " Mistress, what IS your type of man?"  Well, I like two kinds of men. Foreign  and domestic. I can tell you this  though. The Mistress is not one of those queens who picks someone who looks like my twin. That is just un-nerving to me. I love variety..... and this man has got it!!!!! Andreas Von Tempple who is from Vienna, more then floats my boat!!!!The stunning model, who still does work, has been photographed by all the leading photographers, and the Mistress is happy to feature him from the Candy Shop for your tasting, I mean viewing pleasure. A older guy with this look will get me all dumb and tongue tied easily. This guy is also probably around the same age as Warbucks. Older men are a weakness with me, with the salt and pepper and stubble look.  I could get wrapped up with him for a few years!!!!! I will spare you the details what he could do to me. Ahhhhhhhhhhh..........

Friday, January 13, 2017


HAPPY HOUR🍸🍹🥂!!!!!
And I know after taking a nice long snooze in today, I'm going to enjoy this five day weekend!!!! Now on to a G&T!!!! Sit and relax......What's your poison tonight?


IN THREE WORDS...........

In this new feature, I'll share a picture of a weekly guest and you tell me in only three words what come to mind.

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