Friday, February 23, 2018


Laganja Estranja

Cherry Pie

Kameron Michaels

Beverly Lately

Dina Martina

Coco De Mere

Eureka O Hara

Sugar Love

Miz Cracker

Stephanie Michaels

Thursday, February 22, 2018


The head of the powerful National Rifle Association, the four eyed, pipsquek in bad cheap suits, Wayne LaPierre has broken his silence more than a week after the Florida school shooting with a vituperative attack on gun control advocates, accusing them of exploiting the tragedy to push their agenda. First of all if he calls an agenda saving lives, then this asshole really does have shit for brains.
“They care more about control, and more of it. Their goal is to eliminate the second amendment and our firearms freedoms so they can eradicate all individual freedoms... They hate the NRA, they hate the second amendment, they hate individual freedom.”
Excuse me for my mouth, but this stupid, ignorant fucker  needs to go sit down and keep his mouth shut from digging a hole any deeper. Is this idiot serious??? I guess human life means nothing to this callous dick. For all he knows, he could  fall  victim of his own doing if some whacko opens fire one night where he and his family could be.
LaPierre’s name was initially kept off the agenda at the annual CPAC to protect him from media scrutiny, and at a recent townhall on CNN. The NRA often prefers to stay out of the spotlight in the wake of a major shooting.
Yeah, they want to stay out of the media spotlight for a reason...because they know there is a serious issue, their in the wrong knowing we need stronger and deeper regulations, they have blood on their hands of the dead, and their just a bunch of pompous fucks who need a gun to feel powerful and big.
Go to hell.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018


One never knows when or where one will get a surprise. Imagine my surprise when I got home from dinner last night to find a box at my door.  Figures, a package is delivered and I'm not here!!!! Once in, a opened the box to find out it was from our very own Anne Marie. For those of you who don't know Anne Marie, she is a fellow blogger who I have met  several times, she is crazy nuts, pours libations down my throat against my will, and get me into trouble at every turn, but aside from that, is one sweet, kind and entertaining person....and a incredible and talented knitter. Upon opening the box I see if is from Anne Marie.

At first thought, I was thinking isn't she wonderful sending me a long doily for my dresser. But then I thought is was a lovely cover to place over a light to create mood lighting.

Nope.  My next thought was how did she know I could use a head wrap when driving in the car with the roof  down?
 One of the house boys then told me it was a sarong for summer out at the pool.

Then Ms.Moorecock said your all nuts. It's a fashionable scarf you idoits.
She was right!!!! It is indeed a handmade scarf... made with love from Anne Marie! She remembered I love scarves, and this can be worn at least three out of four seasons worth of wear and look great with a coat or sweater, or in warmer temps like this, with just a tee. A huge THANK- YOU tootes for such a thoughtful gift and for taking the time to create this. It will be much enjoyed!!! She certainly is wicked with those needles.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018


Provincetown is one of the most diverse little spigots of land when it comes to their drag community. Their drag scene is filled will all types of art, from club kids to comedy queens to pageant queens, to drag kings, and everything in between.
Our very own Pearly Gates is a performer who started performing in New Hampshire before relocating to P-Town almost 25 years ago becoming a year round resident. Pearly is just plain nuts and a Wonder Woman fanatic , and can be seen every where from A-House, to Boat Slip to the Crown and Anchor and several dinner cabarets around town. She is also known for making a lot of her own outfits...AND IT LOOKS LIKE IT.... and is starting to gain notoriety especially for making leather harnesses. She has definitely proven herself as a multi talented performer  and charity fundraiser. Pearly started playing around with makeup in high school, going to Rocky Horror, and then doing performance and video art in college, and the drag slowly evolved from that. And her name? Pearl was her religious grandmothers name! So she went with Pearly and Gates as in the Gates in heaven. She says "Just wait  till I show up, and my grandmother is standing there waiting for me and I announce Pearly Gates is in the house."

Tammie Brown, Pearly and Delta Work

Bianca Del Rio and Pearly

But if you ask me...this is by far her better side.

Monday, February 19, 2018


Earlier  today in my Mondays post I just had to share my latest instagram obsession with you in the form of Juniper, a lively red fox who lives with his human owner and several dogs. I have always enjoy fox...such beautiful and rascally creatures. It wasn't till I moved to Bucks Country that I first got close to them. Two summer ago while sitting out late one night enjoying the heat and a libation, a fox came almost right up to me and just sat.....inches from me. We just sat and stared at each other for minutes. Finally the fox moved along....and it is a moment I still treasure. But years ago when I was with the ex, did we have our first encounter. In the middle of the night, I woke the Boy Toy up and asked if he heard a woman screaming? After a couple minutes he too heard it. We both were terrified. It sounded as though a woman was being beaten or worst...murdered. We called the police department and explained in a near by condo someone was screaming for help. Minutes later, a cop came to our door, ask about the screaming, and he left, to walk the units to find who was in trouble.  We started to hear the screams again. Louder. After what seemed forever, the officer came back to the door laughing and asked how long we lived here. Just moved in three months ago we told him. He explained it was fox....and admitted they do sound terrifying at night and completely understood.  We all laughed. But it took a awhile to get used to hearing that. Just Saturday night when I was out in the snow taking pictures I could hear the fox calling, but now it calms me to know their out there. So this video is for our dear Dutchess Deedles,as I have deemed her, who had her own encounter with peacock screams, which I too have near me....but this is even worst if your not used to it.



Another weekend as come and gone. I was happy to say the least, we got yet another kiss from the Snow Queen, which made for a peaceful Saturday night walk around the neighborhood here. Some call me nuts, but it is rather relaxing to walk in the still of the night  time. I also heard the cries of the fox around here. They used to sound horrifying before I knew what they were, but I am now comforted by them when I hear them. I remember two summers ago while sitting outside very late at night and one came inches from me and just sat there. I never really noticed just how beautiful they were, and decided if they could ever be pets, I'd have one in a heart beat. I can most certainly indentify with their personality. Through the magic of Instagram I have met some very cool people, like the owner of a cute squirrel Jill that I posted about here. There are some people out there who fall in love with animals, bring them home, and raise them as their family members. And recently, I've become buddies with n  interesting lady,  who has a very peculiar pet out there, who certainly doesn’t fit the bill of a “conventional pet.”

Juniper is a medium-size red fox who was brought home by her human mom when she was just a tiny baby.She has her own Instagram account, and has gained more than 100,000 followers to date, and entertains all her fans with playful photos and videos.Still, as cute as she is, Juniper causes a little trouble around the house from time to time. The best thing that owners can do, if they choose to take care of foxes, is to give these stunning, wild creatures the respect they deserve. Juniper also live  with her other fox Fig...and both get along very well with the family dog. So heart warming to see each day.

Hopefully this post will  make you melt today...I know it does me
Happy Monday All!!!

Sunday, February 18, 2018


It appears the Lunar New Year has started, and it is Year of the Dog! Or as dear Mistress MJ at Infomaniac declared it Year of the Bitch! Here at the Casa our official pups are all but elated that it's Year of the Dog!

So  for the most part, according to predictions, the Earth Dog should encourage kindness and acceptance in 2018. The year 2018 is represented by the Dog of the Earth element, with traits associated with this variety of Dog include, "stable, honest, practical, industrious, prudent, reliable, kind, and loyal." Does this mean that the year ahead will be easier to get through than 2017, Year of the Rooster? Apparently. The year, in general apparently, is slated to be of good fortune, which the Dog year is a time of fairness and equality. Controversial issues are given their due, revolutions are successful, politics are liberal, and political oppression is opposed. Integrity and honesty are the values that lead to success under Dog’s watchful and just influence." Sort of like when a dog successfully rolls over, they get a treat. Fairness is a key characteristic here. And there will be a balance between working and playing hard. You'll definitely want to find a sunny spot to nap in.

Buster even made me do some Lunar New Year visual displays at the store.
 BUT.......Is this going to be a beneficial year for Donald Trump? Or WILL the Dog Year will be an unlucky year for the only American president who has no dog? According to  his ex, Ivana Trump, the current United States president is not a dog lover. This explains a lot, why I never liked him.

Regardless....Have a great Lunar New Year all!

Saturday, February 17, 2018


In the midst of a February snow this evening, Another kiss from the Snow Queen. I decided to take a walk in the snow as it quickly put a blanket on the grounds. Nothing prettier then snow at night on the trees. Dead silence.....except for the occasional fox cries. 
But inside .....a nice relaxing candle lit  my unders.

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